What Is Mobile Application Promotion?

We can simply think of it as all activities that will make a mobile application noticed by users and encourage these users to download the application. Mobile application promotion is one of the critical actions for the application to achieve its purpose. Because your application is expected to be used ready for the user and to provide money or service. Therefore, in order to achieve our main goal, we need to get users to download our application.

When Should App Advertisement Be Made?

After developing your application, you should definitely have both user test and bug test. User testing can be done to your target audience, and if the bug is to anyone. Feedback, I gave you more information in this post. We recommend that you read this article before advertising. Because if you want the app to be ad-efficient, it’s a step you shouldn’t ignore. So how does this process start?

In the first place, I think that you have collected user feedback and detected bugs, so now the application is ready for users. In the application, it is free from bugs and functional errors, and when we prove that it is sure of its usability. Now you can go to the ad.

In Which Areas Is App Advertised?

Actually there are many methods for app-advertising. (Affilate, google ads, facebook ads …) but the important thing is not how many methods you can advertise, but how much efficiency you can get from these channels, we need to find the right answer. At this point, you need to find the right platform. Now let’s talk about 3 main platforms and talk about which one you should be. So let’s look at different ads platforms ;

Facebook Ads

I am said that Facebook ads are cheaper than Google ads. Of course, this cheapness should be inversely proportional to your retention rate. Otherwise, the advertisement should be cheap and the application should not decrease the number of downloads. So what do we do with Facebook ads, how do we advertise, in fact, it is a very long subject and it is a study that needs to be considered in order to use your budget efficiently. Let’s briefly talk about what you can do on Facebook. Namely, you have an application, this application; Let it offer a market environment where people can shop second hand.

Our advertising purpose is we choose it as an application. Then we need to choose our target audience, the target audience is actually the people we think will use our application and we focus on. Now, how can we identify these people, I want to give you a method that we can pinpoint immediately. 2. Which sites are the most used in hand shopping? Letgo and the wardrobe are a few of them. So if I can find people who are interested in letgo and locker apps, these people are already interested in our app because they are interested in second hand goods.

By choosing this target audience, you will get more downloads in more proportional terms. If you put this ad to all people, you will need more budget and you will have to show your ad to people who are not interested in 2nd hand. So you will spend more and get less results.
In the last part, you should now attract the attention of the customer with the right visuals and texts that have found your target audience. How to write an ad copy is a different article topic. But I cannot pass without giving practical information we can use. You can think of an ad copy as a seed thrown into people’s minds when the question begins.

So, test and find bugs on your mobile app. Instead Would you like to have your mobile application tested and find errors quickly?

Another alternative to app ads is Google ads. The marketing price may be a bit expensive compared to Facebook ads, of course, this situation may also vary. These marketing locations must be given by an expert. Otherwise, while you can download your application to 5 people for 1000 TL, you may have missed the chance to download an application for 500 people for 1000 TL and wasted your money. So, either get training on this subject, it will cause you to spend time and money, or let us manage the whole process by using our professional services. Thus, you can get fast and effective results.

Content Marketing

Let’s say you want to promote an Android app. This subject should actually start a little behind and explain what value your application will add to people. Let’s get to the point immediately.

Our aim is to explain that our application, which we have produced for the user’s needs, solves the user’s need.

For example, your application; For people who spend more time on the phone, get a tracking problem. So let the application tell us how much and how much time we spend on the phone. Now what’s the problem? Users cannot control the time spent on the phone because they cannot measure it. What is the solution, an application that measures this time. Now let’s move on to content marketing.

Content marketing should be like this: introduce the user’s problem, tell them what the problem is doing to them, tell them what solution they need, then compare your application and your other application. Tell the user about the features of the mono application, different from other applications.

Thus, you present both the problem and the solution to the user. So simply by writing articles (content). You can get the chance to download your application.

Where will you publish your article? You can publish on Medium and other writing platforms. Of course, in order to write this article, you need to know the keywords searched for. Otherwise, your article will fall into the trash of the internet. You can start keyword analysis by learning SEO word tools and SEO compatible articles. Unfortunately, we cannot learn some things at once. That’s why you must have knowledge of SEO in order to create content. You can take these SEO trainings and you can write your article on this subject. Of course, this will cost you both money and time. You will only learn about SEO and write SEO compatible articles in the future. Or, by using our services, you can print a mobile application promotion article that will allow you to get a download and fit your budget.

As a result If you want to make App advertisement (Mobile application promotion). First of all, you can benefit from the guide that you can reach. If you need help with how to market your mobile application, you can contact us and benefit from our services.

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