Keyword Density Tool For ASO

Keyword density is one of the activities when you want to analyze web pages or long descriptions of apps in app stores ( Google Play or App Store ). Keyword Density Checker is a tool created for the ideal of calculating the keyword density (words, bigrams, and trigrams) of any web page or long description. With the keyword density tool, you can:

  • Write your target keywords as words, bigrams, and trigrams
  • Paste a long description of any app from your sources ( ASO tools vs )
  • Get all target keywords frequencies for each.

No need to bother yourself with unnecessary keyword density. All in one place, write your target keywords and get the count and density of the keywords in one just one click.

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What is a keyword density tool?

Keyword density indicates to the number of count words, bigrams, and trigrams of any page that occur on a given page or long description page as a proportion or the percentage of the general term calculation. This is also called keyword density or frequency.

How to calculate keyword density in long descriptions?

The formula is clear to understand: Divide the number of keyword counts utilized on your page or the long description of the app by the total number of words on the page. (without any punctuation) Multiply the number by 100 to see a percentage of each keyword,  For instance, if you mentioned your keyword twelve times in a 300-word long description, your density would be 4%.

How much keyword density is good?

There is no certain numbers for keyword density. However, many ASOs suggest using approximately 2-3 keywords for every 100 words of a long description. So that means you can use %2-%3 keyword density. But we have a better tool that calculates optimal keyword density.

Is keyword density still important?

Keyword density is necessary for long descriptions. Because there is a correlation between given information and keyword density.