ASO Keyword Research 2023 [ Get Fast Keywords ]

The primary component of keyword research for apps in the app store and play store is keywords. For app store optimization (ASO) to increase visibility and downloads from app markets, keyword research is crucial. You will learn about the ASO keyword research techniques and procedures in this article for the app store.

You can conduct aso keyword analysis for your app using a variety of keyword tools that you can find in the article.

What are keywords?

Keywords are text but have meaning and information. Omit search engines, there are different types of keywords. But i will focus on keywords for android and IOSapp for app store optimization.

Main keywords: these keywords are top-targeted keywords for your app. So you want to rank for these keywords so much.

Synonyms keywords: these keywords are similar to the intent of your main keywords. So it means that even if you use different words but want one thing. These are synonym keywords.

Related keywords: These keywords are the context of topic keywords that gives meaning to text or keywords. As an example: if you talk about app store optimization, it’s natural to use the app store, Google Play, app, and marketplace as keywords. Unfortunately, any keywords research tool will not give you these keywords because the keywords can not be found with search volume but with knowledge of context.

Let’s what is the connection between these keywords and keyword research.

What’s ASO keyword research?

ASO Keywords search is a process in which you can find text for defining an app. The process is one of the main activities in app store optimization, but it’s hard and time-consuming work. I will explain some of the easy but effective keyword search strategies for the app store and Google play in the article.

How do you search for keywords in ASO?

Strategies of Keywords Research?

The main purpose of keyword research is to know which keywords are being used to find the target app. user would use different vocabularies to download an app but which keywords are used most for reaching the app? Yet, App store optimization is not completed yet when you know the volume of keywords because there is a more important part of ASO which I will give you more information about at the end.

Now let’s dive into how to find the main keyword research for ASO.

Thinking About App

This is a first and good start for defining your app keywords. Because we will expand our research based on your definition. You can ask two main questions to yourself to find your app keywords.

– What are the features of app?

– What can you do with the app?

Two main questions give you a clear explanation of what the app is all about. You write them in your notes.

Let’s make an example, let’s say your app is about helping people to design stories with ready-made templates. So your app main keywords could be like this:

– Story design ( features)

– Story templates ( features)

– Design Story ( function)

– Make story ( function)

It’s always better to know what your product is all about before you develop app. This will expand your vocabulary for the context and able to write long descriptions more effectively.

Search Engine Suggestions

These suggestions could be from the apple search engine or google play. But Google Play give far better keywords cue to your main keywords. Let me tell you the logic here.

Search engines try to help user to find what they are looking for with keyword suggestions based on given input in the search bar. It’s so logical to check your main keywords suggestions in the search bar whether it’s relevant or not. If it’s relevant to your app, it’s better to put it in your keywords list.

Let’s make an example, if your main keyword is story templates, you will write the keyword in the search bar to see what’s popped up.

keywords research for ASO

I will add some of the keywords from suggestions to my keywords list.

  • Story template for Instagram
  • Insta story templates

You can use the same logic to the app store but I don’t find their suggestions engine is good. Try yourself.

Google Suggestions

Google provides suggestions to use to decrease the number of search attempts. Because it costs money to the company. So that Google gives us the most relevant keywords based on our input.

You can write your main keywords on the search bar of the Google app. See what’s showing up?

Let’s do our example:

If our main keywords keywords “story templates”

keywords research for ASO

Add these keywords as well:

-Story template idea

Let me give you a great tip to expand your research.

You can put * to between, before, or afterwords in the main keywords to get more relevant suggestions.

keywords research for ASO
keywords research for ASO

Add these keywords as well:

-Social story templates

-Instagram story templates

Competitor Keywords

This is one of my favorite of keyword research volume methods because it gives you a lot keywords but is time-consuming. Let me explain how you can get benefit from competitors

Let’s continue with our example. Story templates are our main keywords and we search for it in Google play. Let’s look at your competitor’s title.

I added these keywords to my keywords list. Boom. Easy discovery.

Let’s open each of app and look at their long description and short description.

Boom. Again easy to see these keywords. Because they are written for humans to draw attention. You don’t need to expert on this.

keywords research for ASO

Add these keywords to the keywords list.

– IG story

– Instagram story

-Story for Instagram

Apple Search Ads

Marketing logic works simply. You want to promote your app with “story templates” and Apple gives you more keywords to spend on it. So it’s expected to Apple give you more similar keywords based on your input. When you type your main keyword “story templates” you are ready to get other keyword suggestions.

So add these keywords to your keyword pool.

-IG story templates

-Story design

-IG story maker

There are more two advanced methods to help you to get more data about your related keywords which i give you information about them in my App store optimization course. These two methods are just optional.

What’s next after the collection of keywords?

The keyword poll could contain 100, 1000, or more than 1000 keywords. But more importantly which keywords could bring you to download? But this is another topic in keyword research. Unfortunately collecting these keywords from search might take 2 – 20 hours based on your experience. However, this is for one language but what about another language? You need too much time to finish your keyword research. But I have a better way to find right keywords.

Better Keyword Research Method

The above-mentioned keywords methods are both applicable to Google Play and App Store. However, it differentiates the way of keyword usage. We have a better solution when it comes to Google play. We just need just one keyword to drive more keywords without doing all search methods as i mentioned before.

This tool will help you to get keyword research and more importantly how to use them in your long description. But let’s focus on which keywords have the potential for your long description.

You will get keywords in less than 7 minutes for one language. So you will get better and faster effective keyword research for Google play.

This is one of the best app store optimization tools to search for keywords for Google play. So let me explain the left side of the tool gives you important keywords which are synonyms to your main keyword which is “story templates”.

So basically when you type “story templates” as your main keywords, you could get synonyms keywords to the main keyword in just a few minutes. You will not just get synonyms keywords but also related keywords to the main keyword. Don’t worry if the term as related keywords is new to you. Let me explain to you briefly.

Let’s say you want to talk about a story for Instagram, it’s expected to be mentioned some keyword such as photo, post, Insta, IG or text. We call them as related to keywords that give meaning to the story. So search engines look for this keyword to understand your text. Any keyword research tools for ASO don’t give you the related keyword. That’s why most apps fail in writing long descriptions due to a lack of related keywords. Get them in a few minutes.

There is a next step, how many times and where these keywords should be used will be answered in next post.


ASO keyword research is key to success in gaining organic traffic on app stores with keyword optimization. However, it takes time and effort but is effective in terms of improvement of app downloads. Mobileuply has found a better and fastest way to find keywords for your apps. If you want to be a beta tester for the keyword rank tool, you can send me an e-mail to join the beta tester.

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