Apple Search Ads [ Best Practices Included ]

What Is Apple Ads ?

It is simply to get apps or games at top of result page when user use search bar for specific keywords.

There are two main app store search ads which are basic and advanced ads. Basic Apple search Ads: It is simple and requires less information as input. As apple search ads intelligent can fully control ads within app store. The only daily budget and CPI (cost per install) are required to start basic app store advertising. 

Advanced Apple Search Ads: This type of appstore ads have much more advantages than basic one. It is allowed much control and options which it should be mostly used for user acquisition. 

We highly recommend using advanced apple search ads for profitable and reliable outcome. Because basic ads intelligent might work inefficiently and become money waster, fading your budget fast without sufficient install. Secondly, it can be optimized with marketing approach which makes huge difference in conversion and budget ratio.

How To Create An Apple Ads

Apple ad platform cost based tapping of ads. So it means you pay as long as the user taps your ads. That’s why it is vital to bids on right keywords. Wrong keywords can lead to unrelated taps from a user. Apple search will advise you how much you should bid on each tap for every keyword. But be aware of that, apple do not tell us how they calculate this figure , how far they go… so this is just number, use them your own approach. Thus this is dynamic process.

It is simply to define your daily budget for user tapping. Check them regularly if they get impression or tap, then increase bid. 

İmpression : if a user can see your ads which is impression. The user do not have to tap your ads. We suggest that start with your bidding less than % 20 -%30 recommended bidding. 

Then analyse data if they are getting impression or not. If not you can increase your bid. You might need to look deeper keywords and bidding strategy. Because this is critical point which show your apps profitable or not from each keywords in your ads group. 

You might need MMP to analyse more valuable users to your app. 

Need Help ?

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Budget Managetment

Let’s illustrate that you aware of your a needs or problem then you want solve or have your needs or problem then opening Google search and writing “how to learn apple search ads“. When you check search at top of result page. You might see some ads which is triggered your keywords input. Ios app store ads use similar system to get users to downland an app. 

When user writes a specific keywords in apple search bar, related apps ads just is being shown to that user at the top of result page. Namely, there are loads of keywords that marketers bid on to gain auiction which leads ads to top of result of search. So that keywords is main heart of ads in apple app search. It highly is recommended that working with apple search ads agency or taking time to elaborate right keywords for your user and apps. 

Otherwise, wrong or missing keywords will consume your budget quickly without having user for your apps or games. To do that you should start to think strategy of your goals for your assets.

Keywords For Apple Ads

Keywords highly depend on campaign type. So you do not need to put keywords in search campaign. It means other than search campaign you should put keywords in sections. Firstly start with gathering keywords for your apps and ads.

After you gather these keywords from apple search ads, google keyword planner, apple store search bar, and search term report. Collect them in one place. Before continue let’s talk a bit about important definition. Broad match: It helps us to find missing keywords taking a reference from given keywords 

Then think as customer which keywords closely define your apps or games. Put them these keywords as exact match. Secondly check your keywords which is not related products. So put them as negative keywords in your campaign. You can apply same strategy to other campaign type but make sure that you use a broad match. 

It is rational to use a broad match when keywords is somehow related your product. If keywords from broads match is related your product, you can added in exact match keywords section. But after you analyse keywords from the broad match which is not relevant your ads, put them as negative keywords in your ads group. You should bid more exact match keywords than broad keywords match.

Creating Creative Set

Again, thinking as customer will bring you different approach to marketing. Imaging that you have seen an ad in one of website browsing. If this ad can talk your needs which means that you have a need or problem, app solve your problems or needs. Some analogy is applied in apps if you can send mes message to right user who are interested in value of yoour solution for user.

So from Marketing side of ads, you should think about the customer and right segmentation. If you apps have specific feature , show that feature related and right audience. Let’s make example, a fitness app help people to gain weight. Logically people who are interested in gaining weight would write “apps for weight” “ gain weight app”, when you discover that keywords, BINGO. You just have found a target audience which are interested in gaining with these keywords. So what ? 

Next step is that make ad group and put these keywords in right place, create gaining weight picture/illustration/image.

If we summaries what we just did : 

Discover a specific feature of apps Match these keywords with the feature Make the creative set for keywords which reflect people’s expectations. 

To learn about more these best practice visit free apple search ads course.

Apple Search Ads Optimization

If you use advanced apple search ads for app marketing. It should be optimized by best practice. There is not just for one accurate standard true action for apps. It means it depends on number of reason such as user segmentation, culture… so keep in that mind that, find what best things work for your app and user. Then focus on those actions to make better optimisation. Let’s look at one example: 

You have created generic campaign for your app for weight loss. When you have determine generic potential 20 keywords for your apple search ads. It’s time to test it on a field. When you get data enough, you can assess your keywords performance. If they can bring you valuable customer or user. It means you are on right path otherwise your churn rate will go up. If some keywords does not get enough data, it is better to increase bid or budget. Lastly if you getting click but not dowland. You better use these keywords as negative keywords in your ad group.

Summary Of Apple Search Ads

We try to explain to you from beginning to end apple search ads which is one of the best user acquisition platforms for ios apps.

You can use these informations to create apple store ads. To make better optimization and efficient ios apple search ads. 

This strategy is main approach to mobile marketing for games and apps. As we indicate that ads should be more personalized or represent group of people or a specific a feature. You use that valuable approach your product. If you struggle to apply or not have time for your ads. We will help you to create your ads for user acquisition focusing on your goal. You can contact to us

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